Portion Control - Super Important to Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Success
It's important to note, that PORTION CONTROL AND SIZE does matter. It’s a common belief, that you can consume as much food as you like provided it's low-carb or keto. This is a myth we are keen to bust!

Poor portion control (or portion distortion we often call it) is the most common mistake beginners make. When cheese, butter, cream, chicken with the skin on and juicy fat steaks are back on the menu, too many people go overboard and over indulge.

For those who are desperately trying to follow a low-carb diet, will often fail because their portion sizes have not reduced. This is because they lower their carbs and double up on healthy fats.

When we eat heathier fats, it keeps us satisfied for longer AND helps reduce our appetite.

Key Takeaway: Portion sizes should naturally and gradually decrease.

While limiting unhealthy foods is extremely important, moderation of your keto portion control is also key! 


Now... it's time to show you how varying food portions look like when they have the same carb and protein amounts. It's almost mind-blowing to see the varying portion sizes and understand that they are actually equal in terms of protein! 

30 g of protein

Firstly, 100g of chicken, beef or salmon is NOT equivalent to 100g protein. Many people fail to understand this when they are starting out on their low-carb or keto journey.

Secondly, Meat is made from protein, fat and water. Therefore, So,100g of cooked salmon equates to only 25.4g protein and the rest is made from water, fat, and trace vitamins and minerals.

By looking at the above chart, “What does 30g protein look like?” you can immediately see that eating 35 cups of spinach has the same 30g protein as consuming 1:1 cups of almonds or a 0.4 cup steak.

Or what about the fact that 0.5 cup of salmon and 5.5 eggs have the same amount of 30g protein?

Not all protein sources can be regarded in the same way. For example, vegetable proteins will not contain complete proteins and vitamins B12. Therefore, this chart is purely a visual reminder to help you manage portion control sizes.

We already know, that eating low-carb foods can help you feel full longer. The same thought process applies to protein as well. Therefore portion control is super important to healthy eating and weight loss success when you start living a low-carb or keto lifestyle.

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