Unwholesome And Unhealthy: The Worst Junk Foods

Junk food has its name for a reason, but still, people find themselves drawn to an indulgence every once in a while. Some junk food isn't even worth a cheat meal, though. From highly processed corn dogs to synthetic coffee creamers, these are some of the worst junk foods available.

1. Cinnamon Rolls Have An Excessive Amount Of Carbs

Cinnamon rolls are a classic breakfast staple, but they are much too indulgent to be a healthy part of a balanced diet. A Cinnabon roll contains almost 900 calories!

Calories aren't a bad thing so long as the food is nutrient-dense, but that's where cinnamon rolls fall flat. More than half of the 146 carbs come from added sugar!


2. French Fries Are Linked to Inflammation

French fries are a crowd pleaser and one of the most popular junk foods around. While they may seem like the perfect snack or side, they should be consumed as infrequently as possible.

That's because deep-fried foods like french fries have been linked to inflammation and impaired artery function. This can have a negative impact on your heart health and more. Plus, they're extremely high in calories and fat, but have little nutritional benefits.


3. Frappuccinos Don't Fill You Up Like Meals Do

There are plenty of sugary coffee drinks out there, but frappuccinos are among the most unhealthy. They contain more sugar than many other coffee drinks to compensate for the ice that's blended into it.

Not to mention the whipped cream and extra caramel or chocolate sauce drizzled over the top. A Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino has over 500 calories and 65 carbs that are almost all from sugar. Even worse, drinking these calories doesn't fill you up the way eating them would, leading to overconsumption.

4. Energy Drinks Can Corrode Teeth

Energy drinks are known for being full of questionable ingredients. They have high levels of caffeine that can be harmful when consumed in excess, especially over time. To top it off, they also contain either a ton of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

In case that wasn't bothersome enough, energy drinks are also terrible for your teeth. A study by the University of Maryland found energy drinks to be 11% more corrosive on teeth than soda!

5. Pop-Tarts Have Three Types Of Unhealthy Sugar

While Pop-Tarts are a quick and delicious breakfast, they aren't great when it comes to your health. For one, they are highly processed and contain little in the way of nutritional benefits.

What they do contain is a large amount of sugar that includes refined white sugar, corn syrup, and high fructose corn syrup. Eating high amounts of fructose has been linked to certain diseases, like heart disease and diabetes. Consider this food an indulgent treat, not a daily breakfast.

6. Milkshakes Can Contribute To Insulin Resistance


Milkshakes are a delicious dessert, but it's easier now than ever to overdo it. Back in the day, milkshakes came in smaller sizes and were often shared. Now, one person can order a milkshake as part of their meal and it will be in a much larger container.

For instance, an Oreo milkshake from Burger King contains more than 700 calories and 121 carbs, most of which are from sugar! Consuming all of that sugar in a short amount of time can contribute to insulin resistance and other health problems.

7. Some Coffee Creamers Are Loaded With Synthetic Additives

Coffee may seem like a low-calorie way to start the day, but that can go right out the window if you add the wrong kind of creamer to it. Many coffee creamers are full of questionable ingredients.

These can include sugar, soybean oil, and synthetic additives like mono and diglycerides. A good rule of thumb is the longer it lasts, the more preservatives it has. It'd be better to opt for the natural stuff.

8. Some Cereals Contain BHT And BHA

Cereals have gotten a bad rap more recently due to their high sugar content and refined grains. Some brands have switched to whole grains but are still sugary and contain other questionable ingredients.

Some varieties contain Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) and Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA). These ingredients are possibly carcinogenic, which is why they are banned in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the UK, and several countries in Europe. Be sure to check the ingredients list on your cereal.

9. BBQ Sauce Contains Unhealthy Sweeteners

Condiments can be sneaky because they don't seem very bad for you, but they can be the most unhealthy parts of certain meals. Take BBQ sauce for instance. It can make a normally sugar-free meal full of artificial sweetness.

For example, a serving of Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Barbecue Sauce contains 15 grams of sugar. You may as well pour sugar packets right onto your meat. It also contains high fructose corn syrup, which has been linked to increased risk of heart disease.

10. Pancake Syrup Doesn't Even Contain Real Maple

When selecting a syrup to pour over your pancakes, be sure to check the ingredients list. Many top brands, such as Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth, don't even contain maple syrup.

Instead, they are made to look and taste like maple but with cheaper ingredients. They are often loaded with high fructose corn syrup and caramel colouring, both of which can be harmful to health. If you're going to have a sugary syrup, at least be sure there aren't other questionable ingredients.

11. Restaurant Desserts Can Be High In Sodium

Restaurant desserts may seem like a healthier choice because their price point insinuates that they have high-quality ingredients. Even if they are made from scratch, they can still be less healthy than the cheap stuff at the grocery store.

Many restaurant desserts are made to be extra decadent, which means copious amounts of sugar, fat, and salt! For instance, California Pizza Kitchen's butter cake has 640 milligrams of sodium! Many diners don't even think about the sodium content in desserts.

12. Frosting Is Made With Chemicals

It may seem like the worst thing about frosting is the high sugar content. After all, it's basically creamy sugar, right? Wrong. Frosting has various ingredients that could be harmful to your health.

This includes titanium dioxide and caramel colour, both of which are possible carcinogens. It also contains propylene glycol, which researchers have linked to poor kidney health. Opt for a healthier brand or make frosting homemade to be sure it has a healthier ingredient list.

13. Sports Drinks Contain Artificial Dyes

It's well known that sports drinks can be counterintuitive since they contain high amounts of sugar. Even the sugar-free variations can contain questionable artificial sweeteners, making them just as unhealthy. However, there is another reason to question sports drinks.

They use artificial dyes to make their colour match the flavour. While it's important to replace electrolytes, it shouldn't come with the price of potentially harmful ingredients. Instead, opt for a natural electrolyte supplement to add to water.

14. Corn Dogs Are Highly Processed

Have you ever wondered what exactly is in a hot dog? The answer is a paste-like meat made from meat trimmings. It's no wondered that heavily processed meats as these are linked to an increased risk of colon cancer.

Corn dogs take the unhealthy impact of hot dogs a step further by wrapping them in cornmeal batter and deep-frying it. Between the high-fat oils and processed meat, corn dogs are just as indulgent as many desserts!

15. Frozen Pizza Has A Ton Of Questionable Ingredients

Pizza is known for not being very healthy, but some variations seem like they aren't that bad. Frozen pizzas make it easier to portion control and stick to a normal amount of calories for one meal.

Still, they contain plenty of other ingredients that make you better off ordering pizza. 

16. Cheesecake Is High In Fat And Calories

Cheesecake combines two high-fat foods: cheese and cake. It is essentially high amounts of cream and sugar moulded into a super indulgent dessert. Even the original cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory contains over 800 calories.

All of the other flavours are over 1,000 with additions like sauce, chocolate, nuts, and more. The original flavour also contains 58 grams of fat. Even if you were to share it with someone, that's still a lot per person.

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