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What is 'Portion Distortion'?

Over time, food and drink portions have become larger.

This includes, many junk foods, such as chocolate bars, soft drinks, muffins, and sausage rolls.

The more we are served at meals and snacks, the more we usually eat.
With this awareness, and by having a guide to manage portion sizes, we can eat foods in a healthy, balanced way.

Struggle with portion control?
Try these 5 tips!

If you struggle with portion control and regularly go back for seconds, or cannot leave a plate unfinished despite feeling already full, here are 5 tricks to portion control, which may help you eat in a more balanced way!

Portion Size DOES Matter!

You are trying to lose weight, but you keep catching yourself having portions that are too big?
Or you cook for your loved ones and there are always leftovers?

If you don’t feel like weighing everything, use your hands: your fist, palms, and thumbs can tell you what one portion of rice, meat, or fat looks like.

Measuring your portion sizes

Your palm can help to measure the size of your protein portion.

Your fist can determine the size of your vegetable portions.

A clenched fist can determine the size of your carbohydrate portion size.

Your thumb can determine your fat portions.

Portion Size Versus Serving Size: what's the difference?

Sometimes the portion size and serving size are the same, but most of the times they are completely different! Let's figure out the right amount of food to put on your plate to portion control how much you eat.

Do you know how much you're really eating? Sometimes it's difficult to discern whether the portions we are eating are the correct serving size for our nourishing needs. Portion sizes have expanded radically throughout the years, contributing to the rising obesity rate!

Importance of Portion Control

It's important to note, that PORTION CONTROL AND SIZE does matter.

It’s a common belief, that you can consume as much food as you like provided it's low-carb or keto. This is a myth we are keen to bust!

Poor portion control (or portion distortion we often call it) is the most common mistake beginners make. When cheese, butter, cream, chicken with the skin on and juicy fat steaks are back on the menu, too many people go overboard and over indulge.

What you eat is important, especially when it comes to making positive food choices, but how much you eat is the real brainteaser of healthy eating.

If you're losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight, eating the right amount of food is essential. Portion Shop offers perfect food portions for all your needs.

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