Holidays... Healthy snack ideas for Easter 


Healthy Snacks Ideas for Easter

Are you on the hunt for some healthier, blood-sugar-friendly Easter treats?
With Easter on the horizon, temptation is everywhere!
The shop shelves are lined with inviting boxes containing indulgent chocolate eggs. Here are some amazing sugar-free alternatives to Easter eggs.

Candy can easily become a focal point of Easter.
In addition to including these less sugary treats on the menu, try to make the holiday more about FUN than food. If you go to a community Easter egg hunt where the eggs are filled with candy, have your kids pick a few of their favourites to eat right away and then save the rest for later. If you do a hunt at home, opt for filling the eggs with items other than candy (small toys, stickers, bouncy balls, coins, bracelets, etc.).
Look at egg hunts as a way to get your kids outside and moving—which may hopefully help their blood sugar stay within range!

Eggs Bunny

Eggs Chick

Devilish Chicks

Easter Bunny Porridge

Carrot Patches

Cheese and cracker Chicks

Easter Nest Bagels

Easter Bunny Pancakes

Bagel Bunnies


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