Men Compression Shirt Shapewear

Colour: White
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Slim down your midsection, silhouette, and obliques with the BN Shape men compression shirt shapewear - giving you a strong, toned, and healthy upper body - made with the highest quality materials.

This shapewear cradles your core, using a patented combination of support panels and overlapping compression panels to target fat bulges and support your back. Use this shapewear in conjunction with your prescribed physical therapy.

The body shaper vest will provide the support you need while providing relief and pain management. This shapewear garment is lightweight and smooth to the touch, as it alters your figure effortlessly.

Meaning that the chest area and abdomen also get to relax a little from the excess pressure - so you can wear it comfortably every day without any restrictions.


Please refer to our 'Return and Refund Policy' for our shapewear policy.

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