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It is a revolutionary garment designed for women looking to support their recovery from bariatric surgery or simply looking for a superior post-op support garment. The high waist design helps keep your tummy slim, while the targeted firm control ensures a gentle hold and a comfortable feel. 

It's designed with influential technology, allowing optimal flexibility and full-body movement, made from a lightweight fabric from polyester and spandex. It's soft and smooth to touch, easy to wash and care for - you can wear it all day long, feeling secure and well supported no matter your activity level. 

The compression effect provided by this body-shaping garment will support your waist, lower back, and abdominals to promote local blood circulation. Thanks to the fast-wicking fabric, allowing sweat to be wicked off the skin's surface. It can quickly evaporate, delivering relief from the threat of bacterial growth in the process.

3-in-1 Multi-Functional Garment

Scientifically designed, the 3-in-1 Shapewear to shape your stomach while simultaneously lifting and shaping your butt. The garment is a must, providing comfort and support after postpartum or weight loss surgery.

Spandex + Polyester = Soft, Breathable & All-day Comfort

When combining both materials, they create a unique functional fibre with significant functions for human skin health. The fibre portion is highly absorbent to liquid and soft to the touch, whereas the polyester maintains dryness and comfort to prevent bacterial growth.

Moisture Absorption & Perspiration

Regulates your core temperature, allowing you to achieve optimal body temperatures - resulting in maximum perspiration during exercise, sport, or at-home workouts.


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