The Incredible Hulk Bundle - 1 Lunch Box w/ Replacement Tray & 12 Cupcake Moulds
Incredible Hulk Bundle Portion Lunch Box Replacement Tray
Incredible Hulk Bundle Cupcake Moulds Round

The Incredible Hulk Bundle - 1 Lunch Box w/ Replacement Tray & 12 Cupcake Moulds

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  • 4 Section Leakproof Plastic Bento Lunch Box With
  • This bento lunch box is made of ABS(outer shell),inner tray is made of tritan durable and easy to clean
  • Completely leak-proof box with two latches that maximize the sealing.
  • Each latch opens easily. The lid seals tightly - locking each compartment so spillage is avoided.
  • Fit for adults and kids
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe- inner tray.
  • BPA free - all materials are food-safe, phthalates-free and sturdy ABS (outer shell), PP(seal) and tritan (inner tray).
  • The divided tray is easily removed for separate cleaning and storage

Portion Lunch box spare/replacement tray 4  compartments

Why not add a replacement tray to your order for those days when you didn't quite get the dishwasher done or worse..the removable tray gets lost!
Or add a few and prep your lunches in the spare trays for the whole week - then just pop in the cover and go.  Fully prepared and geared for good food choices and portions

 Meal prep has never been this easy.   

  • inner tray made from safe & durable Tritan material making it long-lasting
  • designed to last 
  • Convenient
  • BPA Free

REUSABLE AND NONSTICK Silicone cups Round 

This 12-pack of silicone baking cups are dishwasher safe and are completely reusable. The non-stick baking cups are made from 100% food-grade silicone.

OVEN SAFE - Safely use your new cupcake liners in the oven (up to 230 degrees C) or in the microwave.
EASY RELEASE - The nonstick cupcake cups require no cooking spray or greasing.

The mini baking cups are odor- and stain-resistant. Plus, these cupcake baking cups are BPA free.